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Thanks for visiting my webpage.
My name is Nader and I am from Tehran, Iran. I have a passion and enthusiasm to canaries and have been professionally working in the field of canary breeding for more than 10 years. Since childhood I have been very interested in animals, more specifically birds. They have always fascinated me with their beautiful, bright colours and their ability to sing.
My interest gradually emerged towards canary breeding and my enthusiasm continues to grow. I have a standard and systematic approach for canary breeding by utilizing a professionally planned and managed program. While specific care is a need during breeding, however use of internationally recognized breeding aids and bird products is complementary. In recent years I have been more focused on breeding Gloster.
My main objectives in Gloster breeding are control on the forms of roundness, brightness of the feathers and its size.
I decided to set up this webpage to introduce Gloster to its fanciers all around the globe. I hope that you find this page useful and I would be very keen on hearing from you too.

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